Mindfulness Matters

Students of class 2 CMM took part in the eTwinning project “Mindfulness matters” together with two schools in Croatia and antoher school in Italy. They started creating a video to present themselves giving personal information and also adding details on their favourite place to relax. Then they went on getting information on what mindfulness is and found out, among other things, that it is a way to stay focused on the moment you are living choosing not to be distracted by other worries or thoughts.

They took part in several activities such as “World kindness day” in which they learnt about the importance of being kind to each other and also suggested ways to become kinder themselves creating a poster in collaboration with students from the other schools, then coloured mandalas to relax and get a way to help them be more concentrated on the learning activities, they exchanged Christmas greetings too. In one of the last tasks they had to create a video about their mindful place and commented the videos the other students created.

This project was carried out in English and all the students had the chance to improve their communication and digital skills. Moreover Italian students worked together with Croatian pupils and had the chance to speak to them during online sessions in which they could talk about their hobbies, favourite food, schools and towns.

Di: Classe 2CMM