Global Teaching Labs 2023 at ITT

On 9th January a group of 18 students started the MIT – Global Teaching Labs, which is a project in collaboration with a student from MIT called Marco Nocito who will be our teacher for the next three weeks.

Students have been selected from the 3rd and 5th years based on their level of English from all the fields of study of the school (biotechnology, chemistry, IT, mechanics and automation).

The aim of this project is to build a robot (a small machine) with Arduino System, a CO2 sensor and ultrasound distance sensor, but also to get familiar with a different culture.

At the end we will build a maze where every group of students have to place their robot and take part in a competition: the first robot to go out from the maze is the winner! 

This course will finish on 27th January with an exhibition of the results.

Di: Noemi Rosati, Lorenzo Oppo, Benedetta Di Stasio – 5ABS