RenAIssance: Leo and Michelangelo in AI spacetime

An eTwinning project and a cultural exchange to remember!

This school year we had the chance to take part in an eTwinning project that let them work with Greek students through tradition and creativity, allowing them to make friends thanks to online activities and a special onsite meeting. 

The project started with a virtual exchange of Christmas cards in which we wrote about our cherished Christmas traditions, posted decorated trees, talked about festive activities including carol singing and baking traditional sweets. This digital exchange enriched our knowledge of each other’s holiday celebrations.

The second step of the project was talking about ourselves and sharing stories about hobbies, school life, and passions. These conversations helped us appreciate the similarities and differences in our daily lives, fostering a deeper connection and mutual respect.

One of the highlights of our exchange was collaborating on creative projects. We designed Renaissance-inspired memes and later worked together on a board game inspired by the Italian Renaissance. We designed cards, pieces, and the game board, blending creativity with historical appreciation. These projects were fun and educational, enhancing our teamwork and cultural understanding.

We also created an online booklet “Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci Comics” that  is a comic we created together with our Greek partners. It tells the adventures of Michelangelo and Leonardo across different eras. All images are generated by AI, blending Renaissance art with modern technology.

We hosted our Greek partners in Terni, and we spent a few pleasant hours with them in our school. They gave us the box containing the board game we created together and we had a lot of fun playing it. We are also proud of this result because the game was used by our teachers of English in other classes and also in training courses for teachers. 

This exchange was more than just an educational exercise; it connected us with new friends and broadened our horizons. We look forward to many more such enriching experiences in the future!

Students of classes 4 AIA and 4 AAT A.S. 2023/2024