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“Girls from Mars, boys form Venus?”: an involving eTwinning project

Our class has recently worked with other students from Greece on the eTwinning project “Girls from Mars, boys form Venus?” about gender stereotypes and where we can find them. It was a very interesting and inspiring experience. Using an online board called padlet we made many examples of gender stereotypes (like “blue is for boys and pink is for women”), each of us commented on the work of our classmates and the work of the Greek students. After this activity we worked with the Europeana portal and we chose some photos that represented women in various contexts, like in an office or in a factory. The best part of this experience were the online meetings: we had calls on Google Meet and some of us talked about themselves and personal hobbies.

We spoke with the Greek students in English and together we chose the titles for some photos taken from the Europeana portal, we even made a logo for the project with the AI tool. It was a fantastic experience, the best thing was to get to know students from another country, the meetings were really interesting and fun, even if some of us were a bit shy at the beginning, but after a few minutes we broke the ice and we began to talk. We would be happy to be involved in other projects with them in the future.

Link to the Padlet: “Stereotypes on boys and girls: where can you find them?”

Link to the Padlet: “Exploring Europeana for photos”

Written by: Fiorentini, Lillacci, Ferrara, Pitotti, Tiberi, Odede – 3AIA