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ETwinning is a community which works together with different European schools using new communication technologies, like Google Meet or Zoom.
eTwinning really helps a lot of students with online interactive lessons, mainly to learn English. All of the participants who engage with the project can also share photos, videos and comments on TwinSpace, which is an area where the students are free to do all of these things, obviously under the supervision of the teachers. This helps the members to communicate in English and gives them the opportunity to share their work and their opinions.
As we said earlier, eTwinning allows us to interact with people from other European schools. In fact, at the beginning of this project, we used Google Meet to have a video call with other foreign students.
We continued this project by dividing the class into groups, each with the objective to record a video in which their members would present themselves to the others, and the foreign schools also did the same thing, so that we could get to know them through their videos, too. Afterwards, each of the groups were given the task of creating a cardboard game
for little kids.

After the games were completed, we made a Powerpoint presentation where we presented
them in detail by saying what were the various rules and what the main objectives of each game were. After that, each group recorded another video in which they personally presented their games and showed how they worked.
Finally, every team created a program on Arduino which would work alongside the games to
add an electronic flair to them by, for example, making some LEDs light up when you scored a point.

In the future, we are planning to make more video calls with foreign students using
Google Meet, but before that, we are going to implement the programs and electronic components that we made into the actual games, so that we will hopefully be able to present them to the other students during said meetings.
We still don’t know how the project will continue beyond that, but we’ve all enjoyed taking part
in it so far, so we are confident what comes next will be great.

Di: Prof.ssa Sabatini & Classe 2BEE