“Portraits”: an eTwinning project to get to know ourselves better

This school year students from classes 2 DIT and 2 AIT collaborated with a school in France and a school in Turkey within the eTwinning project “Portraits”. We started introducing ourselves, we communicated in English with French students, we shared opinions and worked together. After that we read the book “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, we summarized each chapter, created online games and shared sentences we liked. We then pretended to visit museums searching for famous portraits and wrote posts about them. Another activity we carried out was “Selfies” that was split in two steps: 1. we imagined ourselves to be an animal and compared its characteristics to our personality; 2. we took a selfie in front of a famous monument or created a collage.

During the project we had the chance of having video conferences in which we chose the logo for the project, talked about our schools and towns, discussed the activities and played the escape rooms we created.

Thanks to this project we talked, we organized activities in teams, we communicated in English with our peers, and all this, in our opinion, helped us a lot in our learning journey at school because it was a very rich experience both regarding new skills and knowledge.

Di: Classi 2AIT-2DIT A.S. 2022/2023