During the PON project “English online” we improved in communicating with others by carrying out activities in which we had to tighten our brains. In the first meetings we played a very nice game. Everyone had to write 2 truths and a lie and the others had to guess, then we worked in teams and we created presentations on our school, Terni and Italy. After that we invented some online games focused on the topics of our presentations using an online tool called learningapps. Then we shared these works in the twinspace of our etwinning project “Read, travel, discover” with our Greek friends. Etwinning is a European teaching-learning platform where we can communicate with schools from all over the European Union.                         

Another activity was to talk about our favorite books and films through a video that we uploaded in a padlet, an online bulletin board, and we commented on the work of other mates from Greece.

After having explored our towns and countries we have started a journey to London through literature and music. For the music issue we listened to the song “Portobello Road” and we created quizzes about it, instead for literary works we read a text from Oliver Twist, a novel written by Charles Dickens and we created online games both on the text and on the writer. At this point we decided to tour London and each of us chose four places to visit and we added a post in the twinboard of the site of our project saying the reasons why we chose them.


We then continued to travel and we landed in New York. We first listened to the song “Englishman in New York” by Sting, we had an online quiz on the meaning of the song, and after that we created online games to play with. We pretended to be tourist guides and we created presentations with our voice recordings for the tourists.

And … we haven’t finished yet. We will keep you posted.

Di: Alunni PON, Prof.ssa Sabatini e Prof.ssa Bevilacqua